stains: early poems
Lori A. May
Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5"
88 pages
Bohemian Steel Press, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9735824-0-6

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"...May reminds us that stains are not mere surface marks but signs of what have gone into the making of a person."   
- Elizabeth Switaj, Gender Across Borders

stains is a pleasing collection of poetic moments that have stained the poet with lasting memory."   
- Zinta Aistars, The Smoking Poet

stains is a delicate picture of the stains of experience that shape and define us. It reminds the reader of his or her own stains -- the transitory and life
changing moments of reflection, experience, or enlightenment that accompany the motion from childhood to adult."

- Maggie Ball,
The Compulsive Reader

"…there are weighty themes addressed from women's issues to how larger nations conduct themselves.
stains does a fine job covering the personal and
universal without making the reader feel heavy, but knowing they read an intelligent work."
- author FeLicia A. Elam

"May crafts her poems with a heightened attention to the senses…"
- BerniE-Zine

"Sweet innocence, passion, and a sense of all-knowing veracity - all these things are artfully shared in
- Christine West,
W Network

"In stains, Lori A. May struggles to strip the everyday to its essence.
While none of her literary snapshots miss the mark, some of them succeed spectacularly!"   
- Linda Richards, January Magazine

Paris, Just There          listen to MP3

There is laughter beneath these sheets.

December slush puddles around your name
Swooping up measures of summered pleasures,
killing time with freedom and frivolity.

You gush forth with brilliance
Shining like the new moon over oceans,
Stirring quakes and rupturing sweet silence.

Come to me now
With winds dancing merrily,
Carrying your why and how,
Bringing all measures of being through lightness.

Purposeful and pleasantly,
Dance through the streets
And cheer against crowds
Disturbed by holiday bliss.

Where fogs find nestled intentions,
Comfort against glass,
Speak in poetics and sonnets
rhyming rhythms with me.

Pretend Paris is just there
On the other side of the street.
Swim across the channel,
or Thames as it may be,
and push through the laughter,

clinging ever so gently to snow-capped curbs
to lead you
through sheets and gusts and puddles of peace,
and sing lullabies in languages we wish we could speak.

~ from stains: early poems by Lori A. May

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