Features 49 programs and 150+ interviews

The Low-Residency MFA Handbook offers prospective graduate students an in-depth preview of low-residency creative writing MFA programs. Interviews with program directors, faculty, alumni, and current students answer many questions prospective graduates have, including: What happens during the non-residency semester? What are the residencies like? What community is established between faculty and fellow students? The guide also considers program structures, funding, and unique opportunities that extend beyond the degree.


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Low-Residency MFAs
Chapter 2: Is the Low-Residency Model Right for Me?
Chapter 3: The Selection Process
Chapter 4: The Application Process
Chapter 5: Funding
Chapter 6: The Programs
Chapter 7: The Residency Experience
Chapter 8: Non-Residency Semesters
Chapter 9: Pedagogical Preparation
Chapter 10: Learning from Experience
Chapter 11: Life After the MFA
Chapter 12: AWP Membership & Services
Appendix A: Extended Interviews
Appendix B: Quick Reference
Appendix C: Additional Resources

The Low-Residency MFA Handbook:
A Guide for Prospective Creative Writing Students

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"What an invaluable handbook! Lori A. May has done her research, knows her stuff, and, what's best, lets the programs speak for themselves through her extensive interviews. There's a chorus of quotes from faculty, students, and graduates in
The Low-Residency MFA Handbook. Anyone making the decision to apply for an MFA should consult this wise guide. May's clarity and authority make it a gold standard."   - Molly Peacock, author of The Second Blush

"The Low-Residency MFA Handbook is an important book, not only for prospective students, but for program faculty and administrators as well. This guide will prove invaluable for students preparing to apply for low-residency MFA programs and will inform them of what to expect once they gain acceptance. The low-residency MFA in creative writing is increasingly popular, and there has been a lack of resources available to students, faculty and administrators. The Low-Residency MFA Handbook fills that void."   - Derick Burleson, author of Melt

"Anyone looking for an excellent resource on low-residency programs should read
The Low-Residency MFA Handbook by Lori A. May. May presents an incredibly thorough overview of low-residency programs…. Lori A. May's Low-Residency MFA Handbook is a rare and valuable resource."   - Sheila R. Lamb, The Creative Writing MFA Blog

"The Low-Residency MFA Handbook is a must for anyone trying to push their creative writing educational credentials to the next level."   - Midwest Book Review

"Highly and strongly recommended to anyone considering a low-residency MFA program. Kudos to Lori May for putting together such an informative, concise piece of work!"   - Rhonda S. White, amazon.com reader review

"Lori May does an excellent job at providing objective information about each program, and because the programs are described by insiders, you really get a feel for each program and whether you want to learn more about the school."   - Jaime Herndon, blog review

"May has taken a daunting, and sometimes frustrating, process for prospective students and compiled it into a comprehensive, fact-filled book that should be considered vital information for prospective students and advisors alike."   - Joan Hanna,
Author Exposure

"May gives a blueprint for success with the low residency format in mind."  - Renée K. Nicholson, The Los Angeles Review

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The Writer (Jan 2011) includes an excerpt from Chapter 2:
"Is a low-residency MFA right
for you?" View PDF

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