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For decades theorists have opined that the lines between creative writing and
composition need to be lifted, yet little has been written about the pedagogical methods that allow a cohesive approach between the disciplines. This book brings together contemporary authors and well-respected creative writing instructors and theorists to explore ways creativity in composition may be encouraged in student writers. The question in this anthology is not 'Can writing be taught?' but 'How can
we inspire students to embrace the creative process no matter what they write?'
This book offers multiple strategies to merge the best practices of teaching writing, regardless of the genre.

Creative Composition:
Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction
Edited by: Danita Berg, Lori A. May

ISBN 9781783093625
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"One of the rewards of a long career is the opportunity to see new ideas take
hold and hang on for a new generation of scholars. This book represents the best
current thinking about Creative Writing Studies and the composition-creative writing connection and nicely demonstrates how far we've come."-- Patrick Bizzaro, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

"This volume offers a fascinating and useful discussion of creative composition. It is
a tricky subject to define and it is certainly difficult to establish whether we can or should teach it. Here the contributors explore the topic thoroughly. The reader is
offered a wealth of diverse examples and ideas."-- Gill James, University of Salford, UK

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